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By P Dabnichki; A Baca; C A Brebbia

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In summary, a VR environment is a dynamic, simulated environment that can be shared between users. Users often have a representation (avatar) within this environment and can manipulate objects as well as communicate with other participants through it. The simulated or virtual environment is represented in three dimensions and can have high-quality positional sound. The technologies available for providing input to these senses are briefly described so that the potential for future work in the area can be better understood.

These can be small, and placed in multiple locations in clothing, tools and manipulators. Generally, texture is more difficult to create than force, and the required devices are complex. Often, there are touch transmitters placed in gloves worn by the subjects, and these impart multiple small touch sensations to the user’s hands in a way that was specified by touch sensors at some remote site. Touch can be enhanced by sound; a rough surface like sandpaper has a characteristic sound when scraped, and hearing this is an important part of the experience.

Sound synthesis results in a more realistic audio presentation because unnatural repetition is eliminated. Unless a very large set of audio data is available, synthesis may be the only way to display realistic sounds for VR purposes. 1-channel audio The term surround sound refers to the use of multiple recorded sound tracks, each corresponding to a real speaker. The speakers are placed in front, at the sides and behind the audience, making them feel as if they are not just watching the action from the front, but are actually in the middle of it.

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