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By A. P. McCann (auth.), F. R. Vicary FRCP (eds.)

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Conclusions As can be seen from the above there are a large number of factors to think about when considering the purchase of a computerised endoscopy record system. It is not sufficient to judge a system on its screen layouts, research analysis facilities or price 38 Computers in Gastroenterology alone. My own advice would be to have the system "on trial" for several weeks before deciding to purchase it. During this period get a large number of individual endoscopists to try it to assess, in particular, how easy it is to use, how reliably data entry is achieved and how long it takes.

In the 1970s our hospitals research records workers could only be jealous of colleagues in academic departments of gastroenterology in the United States and more advanced European countries, for whom hospital mainframe computer departments were providing database facilities unavailable to our 93-bed hospital. However, some frustrating experiences in trying to deal with the professionals of outlying computer departments suggested to us that having control of one's own computer and interpretation of its data had advantages in avoiding the misunderstanding, delays and misinterpretation that result from interfacing through human beings, rather than directly with the computer.

St Mark's clinical research departments had for years relied on individualised record cards or punch-cards indexes, with data gleaned often from almost indecipherable operation or clinic notes. New users, such as the Endoscopy Unit, using onsite data entry straight onto microcomputer, saw the obvious advantages in providing an immediate computer-generated report as well as database input. Some established research-records personnel, faced with the need to alter their work patterns and re-enter a huge amount of back data, were less impressed and quite oblivious to the fire-hazard risks and analysis limitations of their "tried and tested" card systems.

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