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The Glossary records and clarifies terms used in the requirements. The Glossary in the UP also encompasses the concept of the data dictionary, which records requirements related to data, such as validation rules, acceptable values, and so forth. Prototypes are a mechanism to clarify what is wanted or possible. As we shall see when exploring architectural analysis, the quality requirements have a strong influence on the architecture of a system. For example, a high-performance, high-reliability requirement will influence the choice of software and hardware components, and their configuration.

Define an iterative and adaptive process. • Define fundamental concepts in the Unified Process. Introduction Iterative development is a skillful approach to software development, and lies at the heart of how OOA/D is presented in this book. The Unified Process is an example iterative process for projects using OOA/D, and it shapes the book's presentation. Consequently, it is useful to read this chapter so that these core concepts and their influence on the book's structure are clear. This chapter summarizes a few key ideas; please see Chapter 37 for further discussion of the UP and iterative process practices.

16 THE MOST IMPORTANT UP IDEA: ITERATIVE DEVELOPMENT next iteration, a change in the core architecture is required. Better to resolve and prove the risky and critical design decisions early rather than late—and iterative development provides the mechanism for this. Consequently, work proceeds through a series of structured build-feedback-adapt cycles. Not surprisingly, in early iterations the deviation from the "true path" of the system (in terms of its final requirements and design) will be larger than in later iterations.

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