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Figure 1-2. Software architects use refactoring to fight the constant increase in system complexity. [View full size image] Apart from the events that increase complexity during normal usage of the architecture, single events can also have an important effect on enterprise IT. They might occur in major changes to existing jurisdiction, the end-of-life of a supported product, or the introduction of large chunks of computing infrastructure, such as in the course of a merger or acquisition. Such events require a major effort at very short notice to keep the architecture in a simple and maintainable state.

Business computing originally meant mainframe computing and involved large computers with costs in the multimillions of dollars, performing tasks mostly on their own. At some point, they morphed into more interactive multi-user systems. Rather than distributing the computing power, only data capture and display was distributed using terminal devices such as the DEC VT100 or the IBM3270. Some of the first things such systems had to share among themselves were data and output devices such as tape recorders or printing systems.

The idea was that by agreeing on a ubiquitous, technology-independent, enterprise-wide standard for communication between software modules, the problem of application integration would be solved once and for all. However, the reality in almost all enterprises today is that in addition to application heterogeneity, we now face the problem of middleware heterogeneity as well. In many cases, middleware such as CORBA was only used to solve point-to-point integration problems on a per-project basis, instead of being established as a global software bus; as a result, many enterprises now have nearly as many incompatible middleware systems as they have applications.

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