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By John Watson; Graham Burgess

Introduces readers to the names and beginning strikes of the most chess openings, whereas highlighting numerous devastating beginning traps.

summary: Introduces readers to the names and beginning strikes of the most chess openings, whereas highlighting numerous devastating establishing traps

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A6, with points like 4 �a4 d6 5 d4?! b5 ! b 3 lbxd4 7 lbxd4 exd4 8 'ii'xd4?? c5, when ... c4 will win the white bishop. The solid 3 . lbf6 (3) and the wild 3 . f5 (4) are also possible, while the natural 3 . . �c5 leaves the bishop exposed to White's c3 and d4 pawn-break. Basic Positions of the Ruy Lopez la) Black moves 3 ... a6 forces the bishop to declare its in­ tentions. xc6 dxc6 see diagram 2a. a4 keeps the bishop, waiting for a better moment to exchange on c6. lb) Black moves Then 4 .

The light squares around the white king can prove weak, with their main defender far away on b3. td6 and . tg4 and . l:lae8-e6-h6 or the pawn-storm . . f5-f4. Can White even survive? See the next two diagrams ! tel 'ii'h4 1 4 g3 Vi'h3 . e4 g5 ! ae8 17 liJd2 �e6 is more common. Either way, White remains under pressure. Ue l . With the rook defended, 1 3 . 'ii'h4 1 4 g3 'ii'h3 1 5 ,l;le4 g5? xg5 . But White's play is slow, and after the calm 1 3 ... f5, White finds it hard to unravel. l::te8 1 3 f3 'ii'd3 !

Xh2+ 9 rJtxh2 'i¥h4+ draws. 3) Black moves Rather than worry about pawn-structure, White intends to develop quickly and launch an attack against the black king. His own king will sit securely on c 1 after 6 ... tf4 0-0 8 'i'd2 lbd7 9 0-0-0. 4) Black moves White has very active play after 4... , 5 .. f6 (not 5 ... d6? Vf3) 6 lbh4 g6 7 f4 intend­ ing f5 . But Black can decline the pawn by 4. lbc6 ! , based on 5 lbxe4 d5 . 33 MIGHTY OPENING 11 Ruy Lopez: Introduction The opening that has stood the test of time like no other The Ruy Lopez is one of the oldest and most important openings.

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