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Why such an uproar? -Pithy' s been kidnapped. -That's great. Now he's paying for the evi! he's done us. If it weren't for him, Sinbad would still be with us. -Please! Seal your lips, Harpie. -If they ask for ransom, ignore them. -Quiet, Harpie! You're jeopardizing my position! -Let them keep him for good. We don't want to see him again. -You're endangering the Government. And he came away from the skylight, conjugating: -If he' s rescued . . 1 Iose, you Iose, he Ioses, we Iose, you Iose, they Iose!

He' s very fast. He doesn' t fool around. 62 Babelandia F l V e -When he carne out, what? -1 opened the car door. He was about to get in. He stopped. Seemed to hear, or see, or sme11 something. He said to me: "Wait! /1 Turned around. then he took off. -Was anyone else around? -1 didn't notice anybody. Who knows? -Did he return to the house of The Odalisques? -No. He kept on down the street. It was so dark 1 couldn' t see him anymore. -And then? -1 waited a few minutes. It seemed he wasn' t coming back and 1 began to look around for him.

Feverish bananas. And longer jumps ever closer to men. From one camp to another. From one city to another. From one shore of the ocean to another ... Then one fine day, waking up in Babelandia. And another fine day 34 Babelandia T h r e e having the Babelandians in the palm of one' s hand. And now if he were to jump back? And if he took with him at least these people he had before him? If he exiled them to the jungle where his father remained king? That would be a master stroke. Who could prevent it?

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