Attacking Zone Defenses (Art and Science of Coaching) by John Kresse PDF

By John Kresse

Step by step directions for constructing an offensive scheme to successfully take care of sector defenses.

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They have the combination of maturity and physical skill needed to bust zones. But how do you uncover those skills? First, always assume you must start from scratch. By dummying (drilling without defense), we work on fundamentals and maneuvers in one-on-zero, two-on-zero, and three-on-zero situations. Tell and teach what has to be done then show players how to do it. Make sure your players do what you ask. All good coaches insist on execution at all levels, beginning with practice. After dummying work against live defense.

John's and I was fortunate enough to succeed him, I asked John to join me as one of my assistants. It's a great story. The first game I ever coached at St. John's was the freshmen against the varsity. John took the freshmen and beat me. He felt so bad he wouldn't come to practice the next day. That was the start of a long relationship. John was my assistant for the next 14 years-11 at St. John's and three with the New York Nets of the American Basketball Association. John left St. John's for Charleston in 1979 and has enjoyed great success there since that time.

Unlike the continuity, which creates opportunities for all players, the set play is geared to go to one or two players. The set play goes by the logic that a team should create specific opportunities for its most gifted scorers. Just as the scorer fills a role, other players have roles to fill. You need a good passer and a good screener to make set plays work. The role-players must understand the importance of what they're doing in a team setting. They must know their abilities and their teammates' abilities.

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