Daining Fang's Analysis of Piezoelectric Structures and Devices PDF

By Daining Fang

This edited paintings covers piezoelectric fabrics within the type of beams, plates, shells, and different structural elements in smooth units and buildings. purposes are frequency keep watch over and detection capabilities in resonators, sensors, actuators, oscillations, and different shrewdpermanent and clever constructions.

The contributions conceal novel tools for the research of piezoelectric constructions together with wave propagation, excessive frequency vibration, fabric characterization, and optimization of buildings. realizing of those equipment is more and more very important within the layout and modelling of subsequent iteration units and micro-structures with piezoelectric parts and results

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11 to further illustrate 20 Jing Jiang, HongHao Yue, ZongQuan Deng, and HornSen Tzou the actuation magnitudes changing with respect to the actuator coverage. Note that larger actuator doesn’t always guarantee better control effects. Fig. 11 Control actions of the center-located SQ actuator system with four collocated sensor segments. (a) (1,1), (1,2), (1,3) modes; (b) (2,1), (2,2), (2,3) modes; (c) (3,1), (3,2), (3,3) modes. 5 Summary of non-uniform piezoelectric actuations of plates Piezoelectric SQ actuator system composed of four pieces of mono-axial piezoelectric actuators was proposed.

U j , ϕ I(n) and ψ I(n) vanish for n > g. Succes- 2 Structural Theories of Multiferroic Plates and Shells 47 sively higher values of g lead to higher-order theories. 17) Here δi j is the Kronecker delta. 23) Next, we derive shell constitutive equations for thin shells. Since the thickness of the shell is very small, we adopt the usual stress relaxation approximation of vanishing normal 48 ChunLi Zhang and WeiQiu Chen stress T33 = 0. 24) S33 = − c3333 It should be noted that in the above S33 has been eliminated on the right-hand side.

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