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By David Burnie

Crammed with eye-popping photos and much out proof, the entire questions you'll ever ask concerning the animal nation are spoke back during this distinct family members reference.

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Most snakes are slow movers, except when they bite. But the black mamba is one snake that breaks this rule. Over short distances, it has a top speed of about 11 mph (18 km/h), which is fast enough to overtake most people. Fortunately, it usually uses its speed to escape from danger, instead of for attacking. At up to 13 ft (4 m) long, the black mamba is Africa’s largest poisonous snake. 52 How do gibbons move through trees? Gibbons are nature’s trapeze artists, with an amazing way of getting from place to place.

Lots of animals have patterns and colors that make them difficult to see. Most use their camouflage to hide from predators, but some predators—such as tigers—also need camouflage themselves. Tigers hunt by stealth, and their stripes help to break up their outline as they slink through tropical forests or waist-high grass. This lets them get close to their prey, so they can launch a sudden and deadly attack. Bengal tiger Tawny frogmouth Q Which bird looks like a piece of wood? A The tawny frogmouth, from Australia, is one of the world’s best camouflaged birds.

A Some microscopic animals can Water bear on plant drinking, even in the blazing desert sun. But when they do find water, they really make the most of it. A thirsty camel can swallow 13 gals (50 liters) within a few minutes. Camels store most of this water in their body’s cells. They use their humps to store food. Abdomen filled with sugary juices survive being as dry as a crisp. One of them is the water bear—a tiny creature that lives in ponds. If a pond dries up, the water bear dries up too. It can stay like this for months or even years, until water brings it back to life.

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