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For this study, the typical design life of a CFLB is assumed to be 8000 hours (Gydesan and Maimann, 1991). The light bulbs are also assumed to operate only 4 hours per day. 5 years. To compare an ILB on the same timeline, the ILB is assumed to be replaced eight times throughout the planning period. Adopting the data from Gydesan and Maimann (1991), life-cycle energy requirements for the average ILB and CFLB (neglecting space heating relationships introduced earlier) fabrication and disposal stages are determined (see Table 2).

As Table 4 shows, if all homes in Quebec were required to switch from ILBs to CFLBs there would be an increase of 265,000 tonnes in CO2 emissions in the province, equivalent to the annual emissions from almost 50,000 automobiles. In fact, this amount will increase in future as homes move away from electric space heating to cheaper and more efficient fossil fuel sources! Again, this same argument can be used for households located in provinces such as British Columbia, Manitoba and NewfoundlandLabrador who also experienced a net increase in GHG emissions.

New lamps for old: the story of electric lighting”. IEE Review, 41(6), pp. 239-242, Nov. 1995. Bowers, B. (2002). "Scanning our past from London-fluorescent lighting" in Proc. 2002 IEEE, 90(10), Oct. 2002, pg. 1696-8 Coghlan, A. (2007). ” New Scientist, 193(2597), pg. 26-27, Mar. 2007. Energy Information Agency (2007). Fuel and Energy Source Codes and Emission Coefficients. S. html Environment Canada (2003a). Province-Territory Weather Winners for 70 Categories: Most heating degree days. Government of Canada, Ottawa, ON [Online].

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