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If someone is in front of your server, it is not your server anymore. Especially take this into account if you have branch offices that may not have a room to lock up the domain controller. Protecting your directory service database should take precedence over making sure that the users will be able to log on if the WAN link fails. Tip See Part IV, “Security in Active Directory,” for more information concerning security. Site Awareness Active Directory–aware clients (such as Windows 2000 and Windows XP), along with operating systems that have Active Directory client software available (such as Windows 98 and Windows NT 4) are able to determine whether or not a domain controller is within the same site as the client.

Creating a separate forest is the only way you can isolate the directory services and data from groups of users. Before you make the decision to create a separate forest, review the arguments from all sides. You may be able to create a separate domain in order to give autonomy over services and data. Autonomy allows the administrators of certain resources to control them, while at the same time limiting the access to those resources from the other domains. Weigh the cost of a separate forest where isolation can be granted against the ease of administration with a single forest where you can apply autonomy.

Now you can share local groups across the entire domain in Windows 2000 Native Mode. Domain local groups membership can include universal groups, global groups, user accounts, and computer accounts from any domain within the forest, in trusted forests, or in trusted Windows NT 4 domains. Domain local groups are able to grant permissions only within their own domain. Universal Groups Universal groups were created to address the limitations of global groups within a large environment. Just as local groups had the negative side effect of duplicate groups on multiple servers, which domain local groups alleviated, universal groups alleviate the need to manage several global groups when adding membership to domain local groups.

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